and the workplace

With the replacement of bed to another, the corner where my study table lay has moved, too. (I realize "study table" is not a good term since I never study in it, so Work Table, it is.)

 For that matter since I already had my father's good-camera-ed mobile in hands, I kindly (?) took photos of my books too. This shelf is inconvenient, as you can see above.But it's okay, what's important is that my little babies (whose mum is allowance, long book-hopping walks, and mortal sins) have a home, and a neat dust-collecting one, at that. I have a story for almost every book i get. I just like talking about them cheap-prized possessions. BUT according to my online friend airiz, "There are no secondhand books, only pre-loved ones" or something like that.
click to enlarge.source://
Anyways, now we can all just sit down (in my case, literally) and wait for good ideas (and more books?) to come. Sigh.
I want ice cream right now.

Anyway, for your favourite segment of the Tonight With Good Ol' Pathetic Shin Show, iiiiiiiiiiit's 

well i just realized that the position of the small daylight is effective for both reading and drawing and. . . . . Taking pictures.
to my future daughters, i am sorry to have you little darlings see this. I, your daddy, was a young man once too, tempted to find at least one particular soul over the internet (you know Internet right? It's who to blame for every generation's fucked-up-ness since ours) who might like me for this (see photo). I know i am not the best daddy to you girls, but let me show you my love again tonight. While you're asleep. Heehee. Jk. I love you girls a lot. (PS tell thy mum to use the same cologne you kids do.)
Paul McCartney is one god who never looks awful in any photo. In my Beatles Coffee Table Book, most of the stolen shots of him has his mouth caught as though in midsentence. You have no idea how much I ache to know what witticisms his glorious mouth is saying. (I will be more careful with the adjectives I use, from now on.)

when I come across a classmate or friend in school or mall, chances are, I give them the peace sign instead of a polite nod or smile. Idk. You may think (referring to photo above) that it's me cosplaying a member of KISS without make-up, but to be honest, this song *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLgYAHHkPFs* plays in my mind when doing the gesture displayed above. Lesson: BE NOT JUDGMENTAL.
-nerd, they said.
-don't unfollow me on twitter, they said.

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