and the ultimate launch of Portraits of 500 Lovely Organisms

i have decided to do some kind of an art project that will probably span a long amount of time. it is called Portraits of 500 Lovely Organisms. inspired by Akira Horikawa's 1000 Drawing Project. i am very much indebted to him in terms of my current style and perspective, so yes. he is such an inspiration. i message him sometimes but he rarely replies. it's okay. it's very very very okay.
his blog title and video is also the inspiration of my blog URL.
below is the original first four "organisms" i did. all were rejected. more for paper-quality reasons than the drawings itself. that's how Shin does it.

and here are the official three,. photos, however, are hardly convenient.
#001 God
#002 Mother of Everything
#003 David.

i hope i don't get lazy because getting to do the actual five-hundred sounds like a superb achievement.

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