and an aimless afternoon with Sam

today, as your mum might have said, is a Sunday. and a dull one, i guess. i know that if i take a look at my non-existent to-do list there is a long queue of things to be accomplished. both academic and self-improvement tasks, but given the fact that i try to ignore responsibilities as much as i can, this day is nothing but a Sunday full of rest and escape from what ever must be done.
yeah, man~ i feel so laid-back today. i tried to grab this timely opportunity to eat my books, but they all just seemed quite unattractive to me. i read some parts of Zombie VS Unicorns. this book made me realize how unfunny the Young Adult genre of fiction is. i don't like reading a narrative which talks like these rantful kids i see in tumblr! oh well. i could have pulled off another title from my bookshelf, but that will definitely make me guilty for the other pending books.
honestly i don't know what to do with my life anymore. everything's just-- confusing. i really need a doppelganger now. help.
by the way, these pictures are taken in this gloriously lackadaisical afternoon whilst i am lying in bed besides Sam. i was doing nothing. man, that takes a lot of effort. i usually enjoy just rolling around being all lost and mentally uninterrupted, but seeing my table filled with required stuff by my peripheral vision, i was just uneasy and felt difficult mumbling my favourite "~ah, this is life~" line, unlike how it usually happens.
maybe am truly becoming a responsible daddy in manner of having comfort in just breathing around, being an aimless decorations around my house? idk. it's ironic how Shin thinks of nothing and of assorted wonders at the same time.
how awesome.
here's a video of me singing lines from David Shrigley's doodle anthology, Red Book. little nephew Sam was looking through it. please look forward to how he reads the word "BLOOD". you might have a laugh. ha ha. i did. and found it hard passing over the dilemma of whether to correct him or not and suppressing laughter, too. ugh. lol.
i wanted to put this one on my torso, too. but it has too many frames and i can't delete a few of it without ruining Sadako-chan's whole drama. sorry, self.
now after writing all this shit i remember that mythological story i am complied to come up with by tomorrow. brb everyone. i hope you guys appreciate my efforts in making every blog entry loverly.
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  1. natawa ako sa blood, seryoso. "Blooood" hahaha