and vintage books

today i went with mum to a dermaclinic because she is to transfer her free facial treatment ticket to my face, literally. it was a very comfortable place unless you have rocks on your face the charming nurses are about to brutally remove. for that matter, one is rather better off dead.
i really want to tell about the stuff that happened right now but my father is behind me and his all giddy with his new laptop i am using right now at this moment.
oh well.
i didn't intend to take lots of photographs, really. but when i saw the vinyls and asked the dumb storekeeper if i can take a picture, she was all shrugg-y and condescending as though i just asked a question  as dumb as her. she was like: "lol. then take pictures."  i may understand that she was just going all tacky because that shop consists mostly of dust and having someone take pictures is no big deal, but i had enough of people abusing my politeness already a couple of minutes ago in the dermatologist's, so yeah. i wanted to punch  the skullwoman's head but she looked so frail, like an enlarged disoriented zygote. blahblahblah. was also disappointed that the life-sized hanging skeleton cardboard was not for sale. nvm.
below are and stuff i saw in the vintage/thrift/garage store i went to after the facial treatment.

the vinyls. two of the six lame vinyls.

she freaked me out.
got lonely seeing a "Not for sale" sign besides these stuff.

PS i didn't buy all the books i photographed here. although i decided to collect sci fi books with fancy covers published way back in 1960s, yes. Rookiemag's Retro-futuristic article inspired me to do so. and this The Age of the Pussyfoot i bought this morning in a mall's bookstore just for the sake of buying something after lounging around their shelves for a long time. 
anyway, in another side of the story, whilst pimple craters were being removed from my face, another dermatologist dropped by and humourously asked if my eyelashes are fake. apparently they thought it was ~*pretty*~. lol. i can only laugh shyly and say "that's real." ha ha


  1. I can feel ur sentiments with those dumb peeps.

    Why do vintage covers are appealing? But interestingly most of their stories have more sense than the current ones.