inspiration icon: Young Paul McCartney

young Paul McCartney is GOD
i am rather dumb and ignorant for not appreciating The Beatles earlier in my life..my sister plays their music ALL THE TIME back then and she has THE ALBUMS and stuff. It was not until i bought that Life In Pictures: The Beatles picture book that i get to really appreciate them. 
Especially Paul McCartney. 
Man, he was such a doll.
I find everything in the young Paul (i don't really like him anymore once the beard took place) adorable and ethereal. And his movements when performing is just--really surreal. An absolute doll. 
Really really really.

And for that matter, from now on i think i should aspire to give off an innocently feel-good aura like him. Especially at this point in my life when 90 percent of the world hate me already. Ugh. It's my fault, though.i have been extremely rude and improperly opinionated the entire time. From now on i'll try to be careless and relaxed. Hopefully people will come to *adore* me too. Sigh

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