and meaningless things

photo on the right side is my "ideal guy". haha. yes. Nikki and I were just talking random stuff during Mythology class and i said i am going to draw her ideal person and she described it to me. i think i failed on that but when i was yours truly's turn to draw his type of guy (am the type who satisfies my animus a lot), it turned out like this. this person is heavily based on somebody you probably don't know. ugh. sorry. is it wrong to do this?
"holy shitto"
late upload.
crying Dylan.
can you see my antlers? yeah. maybe it's time already  to tell about me being a stag and that am just pretending to be human all along. sorry to disappoint you, girls. heeey sexy leydeh~
found in Complex magazine ; march 2012. really really really ready to die for desires in having all of these. i mean look at all the Spring shades and--like--ALL OF THIS! the shoes! the socks! the button-down shirt between the shoes and socks! the jacket! the pants! aaaaaa*drowns in desires*

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