and classroom melancholia

when you are Shin Oderschvank (me:*raises hand*) there's always a way in being resourceful against all the boring tasks that constitute what it is to be a human being. Now here's what happened yesterday, besides the woeful occurance mentioned in the previous post. Early PS: thanks to Chelsea for posting that ! :)
also, i am very inconvenienced as always, so most of my post are of yesterday's. worst journal ever, yeah.
-woke up at about six fifty.
-figured that since travel time is approximately 40 minutes, and
preparing is about thirty, then am already late for 7am class.
-realized am also going to be late for second class, for that matter
considering hour required to prepare+travel.
-therefore will only
work on catching third lecture session.
-was undecided whether to use leather jacket or not since it was raining and mum said it'll go on until afternoon
-rain didn't go o until afternoon
-rain barely even reached school.
-third subject was uninteresting
-everybody ignored me. They were happy to pretend i don't exist.

-or maybe it's just me?
-Cendrick is nowhere. He won't go to school anymore. Am very sad.
-very very sad.
-learned meaning of words i already knew meanings of.
-teacher discussed crap.
-didn't eat lunch.
-posted "And the workplace" blog entry.
-afternoon classes.
-wait, i practiced drawing large images in toilet place some time in the morning.
-teacher in Life Of Rizal subject is lame. Thinks we're high school kids. 

-read Gabriel Garcia Marquez
-can't concentrate on reading because pissed off
-went to Registrar Extension Office to get copy of grades to submit to scholarship.
-student-teacher from Manila was lame. She likes me, i think. (yeah Shin is assuming, too)
-classmates decorated classroom with christmas-related shit.
-my heart feels like a lonely graveyard.
-Mythology class. Boring teacher.
-went out to Accounting's to go WiFi-ing.

-went to Mall. (see: previous post)
-went home.
-exhausted and eyes felt effin' heavy
-forced self to work on preparation for craft project
-force self force self force self force self
-good night, everyone.

+also, added/removed some wall photos. literally wall photos.
in replacement of bottom part of wall triptych

nobody's portrait.

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