and the bulletin board is finally finished.. hurrah!

finished work.
weird shit/

and an old notebook

so i posted this last night.
 and whilst singing shamelessly incorrect lyrics i remembered that lame song i got to write back in 2010 called 'Where is my brain'. i didn't even know about Pixies or the song Where Is My Mind  itself back then.
i took one of my old notebooks from my shelf to see if that particular "composition" is there but it is not. however, i found other strange and irritating writings. of course, i was careful enough not to take pictures those.
this notebook was given by one of my English teachers back then when i was fourteen or so. it is pretty convenient and this even appeared on TV. a notebbok ad. whatevs.
excellence was far from reach. the room for improvement was everywhere.
some photograph sneaked in from the printer. i just liked the colours and illustration. girl-on-top-position is not very attractive to me. it's interesting, though.
i have a pretty good number of half-used notebooks lying around in my life. have never actually finished any from cover to cover without the whole thing turning into a scratch pad. am pathetic and lacks discipline. sorry.

and an inappropriate photograph of the sky

last night i was torn between shaving in order to look more youthful and child-friendly and to not shave so dark shades on face caused by premature mustache would make me look mature, tough, and angry. i had to make a decision with such an argument in mind because tomorrow (today) i am to visit an elementary school and high school along with my groupmates for our Field Study subject.

now that it's all done, for this week, at least, i realized stressing myself over such actions is up to no good and is hardly necessary. i don't think my carelessly shaved mouthsides changed my fate in any way.

things went out just swimmingly. i had to observe how the teacher manages her classroom and such, and it was particularly easy. the difficult part was that i had to smile and look overly polite all the time when talking to teachers. maybe it was not really important to look like that, but i feel inclined to do so. it's like proving to me that although Shin is particularly rude often, he knows how to be nice. Fuck yes i do.
was not able to take much pictures. i did not really see anything interesting enough to take a picture of. except the empty sky in the high school we went to. it was really strange seeing no clouds at all. up above was nothing but a transfixed shade of blue. pretty and quite matching to the minimalist feel i am trying to get out of life immediately. and yes, that was blue. and the photograph is not edited. just some mobile camera fault, sorry.i didn't see the pinkish bottom part back there either. strange.
photo of pen on the right is a gift from Erlyn. now that bitch friend of mine, you see, is really tough for being insulting, idk. the point is that i am not really the type of friend who deserves receiving presents on one's whims but yeah. i am lucky to have "friends". . .speaking of which, Erlyn even says i can't relate to her for i have no friends. i disagree. she also calls me a pervert these days basically since i started focusing on cute girls' hearts instead of their faces. what the hell is wrong with that, no? and she said my bare body is disgusting. Erlyn is one bitch, am telling you. but thank you, still. you lovely woman.
leftmost top photo is of me and sibs. inaccurate faces, yeah. and then below it is something random. and the other one is *surprise surprise* something random, too.


and gifts + wild hair

it was not even 8am yet when i got two beautiful things from my two beautiful friends, Kath and Pau.  Kath gave me this epic plastic silver cross which is actually a pen. the lower tip is hidden somewhere there. pretty, isn't it? although i have a feeling this has already been used by someone else. scratches indicate so. Kath probably felt inclined to give me something since i was pretty generous to her son. i gave little Uno a bag before. and a children's book and a bookmark. Pau on the other hand, went to Baguio last week. i got there a year and half ago, i think. she gave me this--uh--thing. a strawberry slipper/ i want a real strawberry slippers. please, thanks.
i was hit-lifting Pau's long hair up using a stick and taking pictures of it using my left hand. ha ha. amazing sight, no? like something you might see in a Junji Ito manga.  Pau is basically your domestic horror girl but minus the horror personality.
cinematic frame by frame. wah. i want to put something on the last box. like, the whole universe or something. but my father just won't let me use his laptop he doesn't even know how to use for more than five minutes. ugh. hate.
me and her. a semester ago. (do i have to say this is edited? you guys are pretty smart. ? no? ) this is not edited.

and a very very unhappy rant.

there is nothing left to say.

and meaningless things

photo on the right side is my "ideal guy". haha. yes. Nikki and I were just talking random stuff during Mythology class and i said i am going to draw her ideal person and she described it to me. i think i failed on that but when i was yours truly's turn to draw his type of guy (am the type who satisfies my animus a lot), it turned out like this. this person is heavily based on somebody you probably don't know. ugh. sorry. is it wrong to do this?
"holy shitto"
late upload.
crying Dylan.
can you see my antlers? yeah. maybe it's time already  to tell about me being a stag and that am just pretending to be human all along. sorry to disappoint you, girls. heeey sexy leydeh~
found in Complex magazine ; march 2012. really really really ready to die for desires in having all of these. i mean look at all the Spring shades and--like--ALL OF THIS! the shoes! the socks! the button-down shirt between the shoes and socks! the jacket! the pants! aaaaaa*drowns in desires*

and portrait #04 - 06

am quite losing the thrill and joys of doing this. maybe it's the fault of photos i upload with incredibly saddening quality. ugh, i don't know. just thinking of having to do 500 of these makes me feel uninterested but when i look at my ~inspiration~ (clue: it's a human being this time) i want to finish all of it immediately.
really needs practice in avoiding infinite usage of I's.
#04 - Lana Del Rey
#05 - Horsely
#06 - Jim


and reproduction

i think sexual intercourse is truly one of the strongest whatevers of this world and of all time encompassing. i say "whatevers" to label something that is conceptual; an act, idea, theory, action, art, a fraction of something blasted into smithereens, whatever. anyways, i say that, the first sentence, because Sex has always been Sex. murder may not be considered something brutal anymore, in the eyes of a cineaste watching a gore film, say. or the murderer himself. an accident is not really an accident for a fortuneteller, or Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda. what i'm trying to say is that almost everything can be transferred into another context besides its denotation, except Sex. or Fucking. love the word. Sex is always about being carnal, being bold, lewd, sinful, scientific, artsy, unique, universal. SEX IS EVERYTHING. it is the ultimate requirement for all organisms. reproduction. oh, reproduction.

it's amusing how it controls humankind, in a subtle way you can never admit. psychologists (or people whose faith lies in the psychoanalytic theory) believe that the basic, innermost part of our minds are just bubbling cauldrons of boiling, hot, fluids of varying lust. and no matter how we fight that, we just end up surrendering to it. (exception: nuns) even Jesus must have banged Magdalene (oh my fucking god. literally.) (lol.get it?). Hitler might have used his mustache all for his lover's crotch and oh you can only imagine how there's this secret candy cane in the Santa Claus's pants inviting children to sit on his lap. i don't know. i think no matter how religions, or human beings themselves, evolve, sex will always be of its own region and will never be fulfilled in the way our id's want it captively.



i just really want to fuck right now.


and an aimless afternoon with Sam

today, as your mum might have said, is a Sunday. and a dull one, i guess. i know that if i take a look at my non-existent to-do list there is a long queue of things to be accomplished. both academic and self-improvement tasks, but given the fact that i try to ignore responsibilities as much as i can, this day is nothing but a Sunday full of rest and escape from what ever must be done.
yeah, man~ i feel so laid-back today. i tried to grab this timely opportunity to eat my books, but they all just seemed quite unattractive to me. i read some parts of Zombie VS Unicorns. this book made me realize how unfunny the Young Adult genre of fiction is. i don't like reading a narrative which talks like these rantful kids i see in tumblr! oh well. i could have pulled off another title from my bookshelf, but that will definitely make me guilty for the other pending books.
honestly i don't know what to do with my life anymore. everything's just-- confusing. i really need a doppelganger now. help.
by the way, these pictures are taken in this gloriously lackadaisical afternoon whilst i am lying in bed besides Sam. i was doing nothing. man, that takes a lot of effort. i usually enjoy just rolling around being all lost and mentally uninterrupted, but seeing my table filled with required stuff by my peripheral vision, i was just uneasy and felt difficult mumbling my favourite "~ah, this is life~" line, unlike how it usually happens.
maybe am truly becoming a responsible daddy in manner of having comfort in just breathing around, being an aimless decorations around my house? idk. it's ironic how Shin thinks of nothing and of assorted wonders at the same time.
how awesome.
here's a video of me singing lines from David Shrigley's doodle anthology, Red Book. little nephew Sam was looking through it. please look forward to how he reads the word "BLOOD". you might have a laugh. ha ha. i did. and found it hard passing over the dilemma of whether to correct him or not and suppressing laughter, too. ugh. lol.
i wanted to put this one on my torso, too. but it has too many frames and i can't delete a few of it without ruining Sadako-chan's whole drama. sorry, self.
now after writing all this shit i remember that mythological story i am complied to come up with by tomorrow. brb everyone. i hope you guys appreciate my efforts in making every blog entry loverly.
#end of post


and school activites (photo essay)

hi my name is Ronuel del Rosario. third year college student. most people call me Shin.
my interest/ideas in drawing had been very helpful in our Bulletin Board project done this past few weeks
we/i had fun doing this.
i like watercolour and airplanes, btw.
i want to be a father someday. (caption irrelevant to photograph. sorry)
i want to be a wild gangsterpunknigga too
you know what, Shin, whatevs.
all we need now is glue and styrofoam to get it all done! *u*
~and then these stuff below are from our Field Study another school~
i'd like to believe am always five or more steps ahead than any of my classmate's thoughts/ideas/stairway walks
special thanks to Kathy for some of the pictures and Narieh for her camera and uploading.
elementary school murals are the best.
and then. . .
you probably find the poster captions dumb, but-- no, we kids find them dumb too, but that's how our teacher says them, so yeah. it is sort of what may be called a "private" joke. idk
literally the worst christmas decoration EVER.
there's now glue and styrofoam! and Kath! =)
sorry, guys. i am just trying to enjoy things.