thanks, "teacher".

me. first day of second semester. everything sucked.

although i secretly compare my Linguistics teacher to a duck suffering from dwarfism, i am rather honoured to have her as someone who appreciates my 'talent' as a speaker and writer (i am not that good..my classmates are just terrible, comparatively) and she believes i am 'impressive'. Hurrah

i wish i could tell her my opinions about her opinion about me. She says that along with otherteachers, they believe that i am rather a disappointing person because i am lax (i like the sound of the word) and i am just getting average grades cause i am not trying my best or whatever. I wanted to say that i don't really want to have extra high scores or whatever and truly! i am very much okay with my grades. Shin is definitely no maximalist, hey hey.

she also tried to save me from having to buy a Completion Form because i got an INComplete grade in HER subject (my fault). that's literally saving me from 30 Philippine pesos gone to waste just for a single sheet of poorly printed fill-up paper.

times like these i get extra-guilty about my thoughts. i wish i can just keep a prim "always see the good in everyone" mentality, but i can't. i am JUST human, with the similar tendencies as everyone else to judge harshly and assume the worst.

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