school kiddo (picture-playlist)

now for a mixtape consisting of photographs instead of songs, i want to post mind pictures i want to interlace with my thinking and behaviour throughout this semester. I really want to change my "personabecause i was a very awful and hated person last time, like really, i almost had no friends.  So this time i want to be all lightheaded, serene, jumpy, saint-like, contemplative, and keeping a "always see the good in everyone" mentality (what contradicting descriptions!)
i will now let the pictures flow on their own. click an image and click click click for a more convenient viewing.

Wes Anderson films; The Royal Tenenbaums + Moonrise Kingdom

Bill Murray in Lost In Translation
Daydream Nation
December Boys
James Dean
Lula + Nahum Kim
Paul McCartney + John Lennon

Addams Family aVlues

Young Folks MV - Peter Bjorn  and John

George Harrison
Alex Turner - Submarine
Harold and Maudy

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