and school activites (photo essay)

hi my name is Ronuel del Rosario. third year college student. most people call me Shin.
my interest/ideas in drawing had been very helpful in our Bulletin Board project done this past few weeks
we/i had fun doing this.
i like watercolour and airplanes, btw.
i want to be a father someday. (caption irrelevant to photograph. sorry)
i want to be a wild gangsterpunknigga too
you know what, Shin, whatevs.
all we need now is glue and styrofoam to get it all done! *u*
~and then these stuff below are from our Field Study another school~
i'd like to believe am always five or more steps ahead than any of my classmate's thoughts/ideas/stairway walks
special thanks to Kathy for some of the pictures and Narieh for her camera and uploading.
elementary school murals are the best.
and then. . .
you probably find the poster captions dumb, but-- no, we kids find them dumb too, but that's how our teacher says them, so yeah. it is sort of what may be called a "private" joke. idk
literally the worst christmas decoration EVER.
there's now glue and styrofoam! and Kath! =)
sorry, guys. i am just trying to enjoy things.