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while reading old posts in Tavi Gevinson's blog, which i have been digging in for some time now, i suddenly remembered how i made up drew imaginary magazines when i was a kid. I was very much inspired by K-Zone then, and so in tickler notebooks i began doing magazine covers assigned to months, with article titles, too (and issue/volume numbers. Ha.) and then when i grew up a little bit more i realized that nobody reads them, same way going with my comics which i start in mid-time release, like an issue#05 or #12. And that they are not being distributed whatsoever so there's no point in doing them and i came up with a conclusion that i was just being stupid.
BUT THEN now that i'm almost adult, through the internet i discover the infinite universe of ZINES, which are basically magazines too, but specific and exclusive *learn more about it on Rookiein terms of theme, my desire to do something like that returned, along with my newly gathered knowledge and interest in art and design.
So in sum i really really want to make a sort of magazine right now. I already have an idea on what kind of zine i want and interesting semi-popular people i can actually interview. The only problem is that i want most of it to be handmade (e.g; handwritten articles, drawings, all.) and even if not, i do not have a computer anyways...and a scanner (now we're getting at the lonely part). the conclusion of this post is somehow i regained my eagerness over things as a kid and with regards to that, i am still hopeless and life is thoroughly inconvenient. Such a shame.

Goodbye now.

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  1. Nung elementary pupil pa lang ako hmm... noong grade 5-6, gumagawa ako ng comics at parang children's book na yung gawa lang sa maiikling storya. Eh meron kaming store na nagbebenta ng school supplies, kumukuha ako dun ng materials para gumawa ng comics and stories tapos pag may nabuo na ako, pinapabasa ko sa mga klasmeyts ko tapos binabayaran nila ako ng isang piso sa bawat isang tao na nagbabasa. Hehe in a day parang nakaka 20 pesos ako tapos nakabuo ako ng group noon na parang pinapasa nila sa akin yung stories nila tapos parang ginagawan ko ng illustrations tapos handwritten pa ganun tapos may fake pa na publication hahaha naging masaya ang buhay pupil ko noon dahil sa idea kong 'yun.