and an old notebook

so i posted this last night.
 and whilst singing shamelessly incorrect lyrics i remembered that lame song i got to write back in 2010 called 'Where is my brain'. i didn't even know about Pixies or the song Where Is My Mind  itself back then.
i took one of my old notebooks from my shelf to see if that particular "composition" is there but it is not. however, i found other strange and irritating writings. of course, i was careful enough not to take pictures those.
this notebook was given by one of my English teachers back then when i was fourteen or so. it is pretty convenient and this even appeared on TV. a notebbok ad. whatevs.
excellence was far from reach. the room for improvement was everywhere.
some photograph sneaked in from the printer. i just liked the colours and illustration. girl-on-top-position is not very attractive to me. it's interesting, though.
i have a pretty good number of half-used notebooks lying around in my life. have never actually finished any from cover to cover without the whole thing turning into a scratch pad. am pathetic and lacks discipline. sorry.

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