and photo essay

like all my essays, this photo essay is religiously incoherent and irrelevant. God Bless my Blog. (click to enlarge pictures). most of these are edited by me.
taken same date as enrollment
catholic bracelet.
busy crafty kids. leader: ah~ yours truly.
style icons
drawing on clearbook given to me by Vines.. she's the weakest in terms of "Teaching" among us English majors. but she's a very very nice person. love her for this.
from Me and My Little Brain. have not read this yet. but i rlly like this kind of drawings.
my head + Akira Horikawa art. this makes pretty good sense
Lana In Wonderland

my sister's illustration. beautiful.
bunnyhead + bunnyheart
doodle + screenshot form Blue Velvet
also in clearbook
Dylan el horroure

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  1. thanks.. yer so creative. you from manila?
    keep it up