and gifts + wild hair

it was not even 8am yet when i got two beautiful things from my two beautiful friends, Kath and Pau.  Kath gave me this epic plastic silver cross which is actually a pen. the lower tip is hidden somewhere there. pretty, isn't it? although i have a feeling this has already been used by someone else. scratches indicate so. Kath probably felt inclined to give me something since i was pretty generous to her son. i gave little Uno a bag before. and a children's book and a bookmark. Pau on the other hand, went to Baguio last week. i got there a year and half ago, i think. she gave me this--uh--thing. a strawberry slipper/ i want a real strawberry slippers. please, thanks.
i was hit-lifting Pau's long hair up using a stick and taking pictures of it using my left hand. ha ha. amazing sight, no? like something you might see in a Junji Ito manga.  Pau is basically your domestic horror girl but minus the horror personality.
cinematic frame by frame. wah. i want to put something on the last box. like, the whole universe or something. but my father just won't let me use his laptop he doesn't even know how to use for more than five minutes. ugh. hate.
me and her. a semester ago. (do i have to say this is edited? you guys are pretty smart. ? no? ) this is not edited.

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