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i actually don't have anything to say right now.
 i just have this wonderful opportunity to go typing and stuff because there's a computer in front of me so i am doing this.anyways, how are you? i am doing fine. my mind is so busy lately i barely have time to think of people i fancy and those who are rather hurtful or whatever. and it's great being like this. i want to indulge myself in school and the chance of getting very good grades. the witchy college Dean of ours seems to have a preference over me and if i be good and get to finish thesis quicklier, i think i may be deployed to Vietnam for a practice teaching course. am very much interested in that and i hope things go well. although i have committed lots of unforgiveable sins and keep on doing some, i believe am actually being a "good" human being still and I DESERVE THE BEST. quite a risky thing to say, especially if god is actually a reader of my blog, but; hey man, i am good to you. time to return the favor.
from one rainy morning when i thought wearing a leather jacket to school was a bright idea. good thing i actually removed it before going out because that afternoon turned out to be bright and hot. i think i have posted about it (but without this photo). can't find it anywhere, tho. sorry. girl in over-top layout is from Haunt-mag.com
me and sister photographed by father. my dad was actually a photographer then. (should have followed up sentence with "he's probably where i got my talent" but remembered how i just totally rely on editing, so yeah). this is probably one of my favourite photographs ever. like, not just of me.
idk. but somehow seeing a very old photo of me hardly feels "me" anymore. do you understand? it's oaks if you don't.
random tumblr find.
now i remember something actual fun to write about! *u* !!!
our class is going to make a whole original mythological story for our Mythology subject! that sounds really exciting and i am overly thrilled especially since was assigned to do the prologue/starting history of the whole thing.
i already have a specific idea about the plot and stuff. it involves "Box Universe", as a phrase. will draw and write about it later so can have my classmates get the idea and photocopy it since they, like, got to make the substories of various gods and heroes and monsters included in the story.
above is a bookmark i made for my friend Kath's son, Uno. apparently he got jealous because she has a bookmark, so he wanted one too. i completely understand the painful pangs of jealousy children can get. and i like bookmarks. so here. i made one like this for Eda, but i haven't mailed it yet.

haha. found this pretty hilarious. Goku and Bulma's crotch, i mean.
in another subject, we shall have to go off to another school for classroom management observations. i am not very much interested in that, but then again we just have to sit down and watch little children answer to teachers and pin each other on the ground. i expect fun.
damn i want to be a teacher already too so i can go on like this.
 for the final part, here's a very beautiful screencap from a vintage porn video .
i love how the skin colour and pale blue walls compliment each other.

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