and an inappropriate photograph of the sky

last night i was torn between shaving in order to look more youthful and child-friendly and to not shave so dark shades on face caused by premature mustache would make me look mature, tough, and angry. i had to make a decision with such an argument in mind because tomorrow (today) i am to visit an elementary school and high school along with my groupmates for our Field Study subject.

now that it's all done, for this week, at least, i realized stressing myself over such actions is up to no good and is hardly necessary. i don't think my carelessly shaved mouthsides changed my fate in any way.

things went out just swimmingly. i had to observe how the teacher manages her classroom and such, and it was particularly easy. the difficult part was that i had to smile and look overly polite all the time when talking to teachers. maybe it was not really important to look like that, but i feel inclined to do so. it's like proving to me that although Shin is particularly rude often, he knows how to be nice. Fuck yes i do.
was not able to take much pictures. i did not really see anything interesting enough to take a picture of. except the empty sky in the high school we went to. it was really strange seeing no clouds at all. up above was nothing but a transfixed shade of blue. pretty and quite matching to the minimalist feel i am trying to get out of life immediately. and yes, that was blue. and the photograph is not edited. just some mobile camera fault, sorry.i didn't see the pinkish bottom part back there either. strange.
photo of pen on the right is a gift from Erlyn. now that bitch friend of mine, you see, is really tough for being insulting, idk. the point is that i am not really the type of friend who deserves receiving presents on one's whims but yeah. i am lucky to have "friends". . .speaking of which, Erlyn even says i can't relate to her for i have no friends. i disagree. she also calls me a pervert these days basically since i started focusing on cute girls' hearts instead of their faces. what the hell is wrong with that, no? and she said my bare body is disgusting. Erlyn is one bitch, am telling you. but thank you, still. you lovely woman.
leftmost top photo is of me and sibs. inaccurate faces, yeah. and then below it is something random. and the other one is *surprise surprise* something random, too.

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