and an imaginary to-do list.

i have not been very active in journal-ing lately. it is weird, for i am having this "oh i'm just gonna go posting when i get my laptop" mentality contrary to the fact that me having a laptop is a bit out of the question. but i believe that i have been really a good (sheep)boy lately and God will find a way to grant my wish.
ha. you can only imagine how grand my classmates' shock will be upon reading that last sentence!
for that matter i am going to write down a list of what i am to do with a laptop once i get to have one.
(note: these are barely school related. i am PITIFUL and unacceptably evil)
-put Lana Del Rey as desktop wallpaper (isn't DESKtop WALLpaper a bit too contradictory?)
-install Photoscape (and Photoshop, if any) and edit photos innovatively
-save lots of pictures that spark my creativity
-post with lots of beautiful images in blog
-try to do at least one video blog
-be a webcam man-whore
-catch up on Naruto and ONE piece (loong manga series can be a bit stressful, too)
-be earnest in working on thesis
-establish good relationships with special people (i mean artists, rich kids, etc. Lol)
-still spend time on reading/drawing. AKA be not possessed by laptop
-name laptop after special person E.g; Akira. (wow that's a no-brainer)
-watch whole Addam's Family series (IMPORTANT)
-watch Twilight Zone season 1 in vimeo.com
-keep on using hospitalx.tumblr.com
-download films such as Moonrise Kingdom, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Submarine, Pulp Fiction, Harry Potter 7, The Virgin Suicides. etc
-try hand at digital scrapbooking
-love parents
-install iTunes. sync iPod.
i'm not sure about the last one, since most songs there are not in my phone (where my new music are in) and sync-ing means losing all those elder ones. Aaagh..idkidkidkidkidk
random photograph. one of favorite pictures of self. will probably do that kind of post.

i'd like to believe that having that will truly change something in/on me. and if will have scanner too, then that will do more change! since will be able to do a Zine, finally, and scan paintings and illustrations that shall drive Your Humble Blogger to *
**FAME***! Ha ha ha. (not really, my friend.)
and oh. i almost forgot. in the to-do list:
-deep, hot, passionate, filled with love, passionate PORN.

Goodbye, now.
i just embarrassed myself in front of my two imaginary blog viewers.

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