and enrollment + road to self-recovery + lots of parentheses

(photo: taken by Kath. can hardly open eyes because of sunlight)

i just got myself enrolled right now (thanks to mum's Pawn Shop Blues)  and i must say i am a bit thrilled to finish this semester (schooling here in the Philippines begin in June, and then the second half in October to March)  because next school year finally comes a free-er part of our studying since we begin our actual Teaching Practices. Now with that said, i realize i have not mentioned how i'm currently studying Bachelor Of Secondary Education; English Major. Anyways, as usual, the beginning of studying feels great. I am a bit giddy with our subject line-up, which eventually appears as Satan's Wish List with my name on top two weeks after studying them.
Mythology seems like an exciting subject, although our teacher there barely budges an inch all the time when sitting upfront, he might make us write our own myths, with Gods and Greek concepts included, or, he might make us do COMICS! Ha. Thrilling.. . At this point i guess i am also free from the grasp of teacher's who "hate" me (as much as i hate them, more or less).
here's how my mind sees the classroom. premature pregatory. meh.
-meanwhile, here is what i wore to school today. Just one of the few (and i mean POORLY few) clothes i've got that look decent enough to wear outside, for at home, i only have 'beggar fashion' clothes. Speaking of which, no, i am not going to make this a fashion blog. But i view a lot of clothing sites, so this;
"I Love Andy" it says. who's Andy now?
i have worn this polo (i think i got only three. Poor me) lots of times already and because of a subconscious influence thanks to the "fashion blogs" (why do i view those anyways? i just get overly envious) i thought of adding something "noteworthy" to it. Which is the price tag of the shirt my friend Edda gave me. Ha. Clever, am i not? I really like tags. (except photo tags in Facebook with a terrible photograph of me).
mindsets to remove from self:
"i don't give a fuck"
"we're all gonna die anyway"
"nobody will ever understand me"
"these people hate me"
"i hate everyone"
"i hate myself"
"buy books/books are the bestest best of all the best things in life" (wow this one's particularly depressing)
"it's okay to not eat, i'm gonna poop this anyway"
"life sucks"
spirit of young Paul McCartney, please guide me on this. And Lana Del Rey too. Ohmygods.

PS: i am weak. couldn't fight for the tag. i removed it from the outfit even before reaching school. sorry, team.

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