and Cendrick now in peace.

i know you're in a happier place now.
since the final weeks of the previous semester my friend Cendrick had been giving hints about leaving us. and so he did. it is quite a sad thing since he had become kinda like a best friend to me. a partner-in-crime was more like it, though. now idk what to do with school. i feel really alone with my co-bastard around. we even made up this Porn Club thing. where we (obviously) just watch porn during vacant periods. some people, no matter how important they are, shall go and soon you'll be okay. but school today can't feel right without my silly dude anymore. i feel very lonely, going to the drinking station and there's no one there to complain about the iron-tasted water to.
it is also unfortunate how i suggested him to do a Eulogy Presentation activity when we were required to do Student Motivations stuff and now i am writing this for him. man, ever we miss thee.
with Kath

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