and poor color-coordination

channeling some Lennon x Ono vibe in this photo. ha.
hi.on December 27 i went out to UPLB with friend Ewica. she has found and job and had her salary and treated me to some food. it was not so fun for me because we didn't run (so i didn't have to brutally push her to win. which is basically my idea of fun) on the fields unlike the first time we went but that's alright because we ate good food anyways.
we also played Uno cards (just one round. it wasn't very much exciting to play with only one opponent. i already knew i'd win. ha ha jk) and fought beggar children who wanted to take away all our snacks. it didn't really have any effect on them when i said my father was a policeman! (they knew in my yellow malfunctioning eyes that i was lying). kids know everything, yes. i gave her some of my books as an exchange present for her food-share + a zine too.

there were some special christmassy large Hansel&Gretel-inspired decors there. it was not much impressive at all, tbh. it's more like a huge unfinished school project. but i took a photo anyway! for remembrance;
the photo in the middle is that of Ewica. and from there you can clearly see how better my shot is of hers than hers of mine. well, it's really ok and understandable since she was short and hardly has her arms capable of the angles i want to have a photo of! :)
what i would like to say about these giant cardboard houses is that the colours and styling is pretty much typical/cliche. these silly typical uncreative choices is what makes christmas somewhat cornier than how it already is. i mean, why not use pastel colours, eh? pastel colours are good! they could give life to at least some little spots in this either damp or drying country of ours!

a visual representation of what i am trying to say;
sources; photo 1, 2, 3, and 4 is a screencap from Trainspotting
another favourite christmas-themed artsy visuals is this one image from IdKids' site, that which is also a good source for design inspirations + creativity fuel;
"v. slightly eerie christmas cheer from the idkids hq"
there was also this prim architecture whose nice-ness made up for the shitty Hansel & Gretel fake homes! we should srsly make christmas decors more minimal!
i want to live here.
idk the story behind this square hole. it might have been a swimming pool whose water's been drained off. i have no idea and i do not really have much interest in knowing. i prefer inventing my own histories about things! :)

here's a zine and a little bookmark/card! my present for Ewica. the zine consists a couple of pages with some kind of short subtle story inside about a girl who is in love with a boy who's already in a relationship with some other girl. the title is, of course, from Video Games. it's unfortunate i didn't get to scan it's insides. while she was reading it i played some songs by Bread, like Diary and Make It With You. i swear darling Ews was almost on the verge of crying! ha! Signor Shin sure knows how to touch people's hearts!!! ;D 

whatever else i have to say i already forgot!
this post is actually supposed to appear on December 27 evening but Blogger suddenly launched it's full-time let's-not-allow-Shin-to-post-anything operation so here i am! it is January 16! :)
i can not decide yet whether to also post about the stuff that has occurred since the New Year! (hint: there's plenty of funs plus so much stress!)

i am excited to hang around places with Ewica again because we're gonna have another exchange-presents thing! (involving a painting and spikes&studs and $$$)
PS: the post title refers to my outfit. we were treading the UPLB streets and Ews was like, "people are looking at us!" because duh. colours. right.