and Shadow Scout.

hello, kids!
yesterday i was out in UPLB with Erica. i forgot to bring badminton stuff (we were supposed to play!) and she forgot to bring the pins she's about to give me for my jacket re-designing project, so yeah. it was almost very boring.
it was so much fun out there! there were lots of people trying to be "fit" and people sitting indian-style in the grass and the trees were veeeeery taaaaaall and looming and they were like fabric patterns at some point.
we ran and it was exhausting and i don't know how to describe it anymore. it's all actually very simple but beautiful.
photograph belongs to Erica!

"the trees, like lungs, filling the air/
my sister, the mean one, pulling my hair" 
--Jeffrey Eugenides
(photo is from The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola)
and i wrote on my "outdoor diary" (felt like Cecilia Lisbon in the Virgin Suicides. the background music i played was also good, Afternoon Sister by Air) and Erica made me draw on her doodle-notebook.
this is how i looked like. (no, that is not a semi-jumpsuit i' m wearing). i stuck small school badges on my shirt, because i wanted to put off a sort-of Sam Shakusky-ish (Moonrise Kingdom) vibe in manner of being a scout in shorts and socks (my bag was khaki green, so yeah). however, my polo is black! and my pants! so i decided to name this outfit Shadow Scout. (imagine me being in a secret sub-organizatioon of boy scouts in which we are assassins and very few people know of our existence) so yes. in sum, i am very, very cool.
here's who i tried to be. damn i hate myself for being not Jared Gilman!
with all these "violent" influences in mind i also bought new pair of glasses. Sam Shakusky forever, yeah.
in this photograph i ~*tried*~ to do Jared Gilman's chronic wonder-boy  face throughout the movie (see: photo after this one)  but sadly i just look like some random swaggot from tumblr. gah. 
that chronically beautiful wonder-boy face. yeah
and if at this moment you tell me "but you're actually cute! you don't have to try to be anyone else!" this is my response:
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