and ---F L A T !---

this drawing is made for a comic book i tried to do. 
today i biked a long unfamiliar route. i am not sure with directions, but say, the path i usually take during my everyday cycling is North, then this time i went all down South, (and then turned right, which is, like, West? no, wait, i think i turned left! . . . ?) the point is, i had some fun and saw the sea. first thing that came to mind was; it is flat. (not a very intelligent adjective, i know. sorry.) and i noticed how people basically treat the whole immense blue body of water as their trash can. how punishable. ugh. ~ and then on the way back, like a painful my-life-is-a-coming-of-age-film-type of plot twist, the front tire of my bike went flat! first i thought i'm suddenly riding through seafoam glaciers, but hence i am on a concrete street soil,so yeah. IT GOT FLAT! eventually i had to walk the following ways through and there was this woman who saw me and was like: "got tired of biking?" and i'm like "ahaha *fake cutesy eye-smile* no, damn bike got flat." and she was like: "oh, ok". as if getting a tire punctured by a fucking lone thumb tack is the most amusing shrugg-worthy thing ever. (it is NOT.)
well the lesson of this all, is: there is no lesson.

(irrelevant bit of information; i was listening to Elvis Depressedly's LP at that time.)

me yesterday. photographed by 4-year-old niece. behold my fabulous chicken legs.
i kind of want to have this 'cool bastard drunken old sexy guy' image in the of eyes of my nephews and nieces, since i am the youngest of us siblings and i think that's just appropriate. (or not.) idk.
i guess the ultimate flaw of this post (and my life, collectively) is that i don't have a photograph of this bicycle am using yet. it is quite embarrassing, tbh  (actually the bike is behind me in that photo above!).  well i'm not exactly the shoot-what-you-will-later--blog-about type of person anyway. i just do what i do :) (and i have no decent camera) (and i roll like a rolling stone.)

i'd like to include this here because it is a commissioned portrait  (i am not paid again, as usual) for inkarlcerating who apparently gifted this to his boyfriend (i have no idea how, since the actual painting is here with me. maybe he made a print . . ?)

in other ~life` news, i am considering deleting all my mobile web browsers (means i can't go to any site anymore using my phone. which is basically all i have). i can't fully decide yet, since i am always 50% checking my accounts for notifications every five minutes, and 50% hating myself for the other fifty percent. ugh. i am the worst at decision-making. i regret things either way.

this is all i have for you for now,
see you later!

(PS, i have some new doodle uploads in my tumblr.)
(and my PORTFOLIO is updated)
(THANK YOU for people who go to this blog! i can't believe how i am still getting pageviews. got 62 yesterday and 30 today. just--- - - HOW? and who are you people? is my mum viewing this blog? anyway thanks.)