and summer magic

being the hearty pervert that i am, i want to greet you a good day with this GIF i found on tumblr. it's too cute to ignore and when i grow old looking back at this blog i may see this and think; *English accent:* "god was i really a badass young lad then, mate!" or whatever. 
aww~~~ *u*
the following texts are transcribed from my journal for the date: May 27, 2013, which is basically the day i am writing this. the time is 2:51am. obviously the instances of which the matters i shall be talking about is that of the day before, which is 26. a Sunday. here we go;

whoa, this day had been like a dream, it ended up so well that i almost can't feel the heartaches i had a couple of hours ago (which i will not write even write about.) i woke up at noon as usual and then watched Bleach: Hell Verse movie and then a little of This Is England (am not finished with it yet, but i am planning to do an entire entry dedicated to that because of the screenshots i took).
the outside setting was; raining a little. slightly windy and gloriously not hot. although we shouldn't bother much about the outside in this particular post because i never went outside anyways. after not finishing This Is England, i read a little of The Fault in Our Stars (i can't decide whether i like it or not! ahh~) and felt sleepy, so that i did. after my nap, which made everything feel more like a dream because that's the affect it usually gives anyway, i was about to continue with This Is England but mum reminded me (it was 8pm by then) of today being the championship match of the unemployed-men-of-the-town Basketball League Series i had been looking forward to every evening (like a faithful Primetime soap opera viewer, yeah.) in our uhh--shall i call this place village
so then i biked my way to the courts whilst listening to Blonde Redhead's Penny Sparkle LP, which i am absolutely into right now.
the font is just too lovely~
my favourite track. right here ^
the game was tight! i wish i have been into sports since my childhood, so i could have reported about what occurred in an intelligent comprehensive way (also my body could have looked more appealing to girls my age and beyond. ugh.) anyways, each team (orange, being the team of bullies and green, somehow reminding me of Robin without the ever-loving Batman) both having a win from each other in previous matches already. 
it was like, one team gets some points, and then the other would get a point back for their good, so it was--how do i call it--simultaneous shooting? team-after-team? (HOLY  SHIT THIS IS WHAT I AM WORRYING ABOUT. SPORTSWRITING IS HARD) there had been same-score suspense instances a couple of times, until the last 30 seconds of the game! it was intense!
fortunately the green team won. the good has prevailed. i was very glad for them.

the very ~* magical *~ part of this whole game is when there was a quarter-break and the players were huddling and then suddenly, there was a black-out. absolute darkness in which everybody was like: (please play that two-second video below this! YOU HAVE TO!)

the full moon was the only bulb left on and it was pretty. it had been just bright enough to form silhouettes of the people around. kids got excited, ran around the court, imitating the sweaty men they have just seen struggling for one ball a few seconds ago. cynical adults started leaving. and those with cellphones lighted their paths and if you have imagination, you may assume that it looked very surreal. like in a vague dream, or The Further (hell, basically) in Insidious. it was such a charm, really. i dunno if anyone else found the whole scene appealing, but goodness, it was! i played Oblivion by Grimes in my earphones and that just changed everything. my perception of what was happening.
i imagined myself being the elf-like magenta-haired Grimes, dancing cherubly in the middle of all these people unaware of the underlying artful themes of their lives (please see that video above!). to be honest, i actually danced a little. i felt special, man! visually the whole area became an eye-levelled nightsky microcosm, due to it being plain and dark, with a few little cellphone lights strobing here and there. it was perfect, somehow.

and i got home, but then Gasp texted me and offered to treat me to 7-Eleven a sundae. i rushed there immediately but there was no more sundae. (BECAUSE! it was past-midnight already! no more Sundaes because it is Monday already! haha! pls laugh.) kindly enough, since i offered to come with her back to her house, she bought me blueberry-flavoured Slurpee instead, which resembled seafoam. how beautiful.
if i ever become a musician, this would be the album cover. ah~
her dad which scared me a lot at first, but now i feel comfortable enough around him to call him his nickname (i think we're already friends. it's hard to say. ugh. adults, right.) was there but left us two crazy idiots, eventually. and essentially too, i guess. we watched Machete in Star Movies (they have cable) which is a film i enjoy heartfully and i doodled on her bedroom wall. other significant matters of Gasp's humble abode include 1) creepy child saint life-sized figure and 2) ugly BIG dalmatian rats. totally freaked me out. it was really fun and i stayed there until, like, 2am.
i was thrilled to wear my jacket because i thought this tarpaulin cut-out made me cool, but Gasp just told me i looked stupid. well fuck you, bitch. your camera has a time stamp. lol how fucking obnoxious.
i feel like this day (May 26 crossing to 27) may just be the most important, climatic, highlight day of my 2013 summer.