and S'13

my heart died a little when i saw the date of the start of school this upcoming semester; June 3. basically three more forced slumbers from now. UGH.
 i just can't believe it. i thought it would begin by 5 or even later.
well to be honest with myself, it's not like i'm buying time for something important going-ons anyway, i am severely bored here just sitting idly at home (but intelligently idle, at that. i am reading books or painting. ha ha.), still, it's just TOO EARLY for school! with this being my last year, 'cause i am going senior in university now, i should at least have time to, like, emotionally prepare/do a gameplan for this, right? come to think of it, i haven't even  re-worked on my thesis yet! wah!

but it's not just the futures i am thinking about lately. it's this whole March to May series of weeks which is basically the span of my 2013 summer. it's all so crazy. like, if i tell you right now how it went, i'd say "nothing much", because yeah, nothing much really ever happened. at least not outside (mum says i gained weight though. hurrah). i learned a lot of shit aesthetically and in other intrinsic ways, after all i have seen plenty of good films and had been productive what with having journals and good paintings. i lost some friends too, which may just have been the saddest part of this all. also, i think i've become more in touch with nature. . .?

i am so torn between concluding that this had been a good or bad summer. there are points voting for both sides. and i can't exactly say that i'm in the precise middle of happy and sad either, because i have in my heart a plethora of both feelings.

i don't know.

in other news, here's a semi-accurate collage of my whole summer. aka the movies i watched. this is not all of them, tho.
movies included; Orphan,Perks Of Being a Wallflower, Moonrise Kingdom, Picnic At Hanging Rock, Dogtooth, Blue Velvet, Ghost World, Submarine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Whip It,  The Royal Tenenbaums, The Virgin Suicides.
movies i have seen this summer but i did not include (for spatial reasons): Bottle Rocket, The Basketball Diaries, Despicable Me, The Avengers, Help!, The Future, Harry Potter 7 part 2, Magic Mike, Blue Valentine, Lolita, Kids, Fantastic Mr. Fox, This Is England, etc. i'll try to remember the others later.

coming up next:
back-to-school vibes! :)