and being "scoutly"

i went to school today to get a copy of my grades and luckily have succeeded on doing so. my marks are notably high (impressive!) especially considering my tardiness when it comes to anything academic.
this is how i looked. am still highly obsessed with Moonrise Kingdom especially the lonesome boy scout extraordinaire that is Sam Shakusky, so today i tried to be like him again. (the pioneer attempt was a couple of days ago, as seen in another unfortunate blog entry). this photograph i taken by my mum, hence the careless blurry shot. and the horrible angle proportions of my whole body. ugh. it just feels so wrong

and here is a collage/playlist i made for this story i have in mind about me being aa boy scout on a long errand with other campers. the circumstance involves: meeting a turtle, trying to make fire, being bullied by other scouts, losing important badges, saying sorry, contemplating about the future, seeing a plane crash, chasing deers, etc. high socks are an essential mind-factor, too ::

click HERE to play!
PS there might be a third installation to this series of boy-scout-look attempts i do!