and the heat (ver.2.0) (white light edition)

hello, teeths!
the time now is 12:31 am. all good children should be already asleep at this moment but i am not good and definitely not a kid, so here i am.
there are just some *important matters* that are bugging me at the moment, including the fact that there are only about twenty-five (25) days left until school returns (summer is ending! no more painfully boring afternoons! *panic*) and i want to make the most of the remaining time in a very ironic way in which i try to not make the most of it; to perceive all the mundane facts in an artistic, curious eye.

this matter is somehow wrapped around the idea of "vibes" which Tavi Gevinson did in a particular blog entry. "VIBES", as she explained (hereby i quote:)
". . .are the things that determine how I dress and take photos and maybe even act (which is probably not very healthy) according to the season. I don't know why it matters so much to me, I think because I get really nostalgic, and it's nice to have memories that feel like perfectly composed photographs.  . .also when all the sounds and smells and looks of things fit together nicely it feels like synesthesia and I feel more alive and everything feels special. . ." 

very well-executed! :)
(Tavi means SO MUCH to me. i even dreamed of her a week ago. she had braces in the dream and a garage sale of cool stuff)
so here goes my late summer vibes, mainly influenced by the following items:

German film Dogtooth.

do you see what i am trying to come across here?
i appreciate the movie so much (not sure if 'love' is an appropriate term) but that film is just very wonderful, really. and i want to wear white and be ' dangerously unaware' or 'very innocent' or 'pale and pure' from this day onwards. that's how it goes!
i also thought of how i may wear my school uniform as ordinary clothing now since we have to buy a new set for my senior year (wherein i will finally do practice-teaching, lesson plans, etc.)

this would be an accurate song for the white-spark-summer mentality i am going for:
claimer: of course, there are many other films whose influence in my life is strongand affective! as paranoidly elaborated in one of my older blog entries!
(which reminds me of thinking that maybe this whole post might be just an aftermath of my visual exploration of this 'silent avant-garde' sub-genre theory in another old post? click this sentence to see it! THAT IS IMPORTANT. there are lots of nice photos.)
here are other 'vibe' supplements (i suddenly realized how Dogtooth is almost the only actual point of this post)
Melancolia directed by Lars Von Tier

comme des garcons shirt + houndstooth pattern
by inkarlcerating
we all know there has to be The Virgin Suicides photographs in here.
i also badly want to have sex, tbh.
one of the most beautiful photographs ever (and i am sure the actual--uhmm----pair? is super beautiful too). if you are offended by this it's either because you're so sad you can't have it near you or you are a ~baby~. eek. i love this. don't hate me. this is beautiful *blushing* *no, really, i am blushing right now*
i am trying to think of other essential stuff to add but this is all i have in mind right now.
(time check: 01:18 am)
other links that are very necessary to the whole point of all this;
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** sanatorium-interrupted (photo-playlist)
** photography portfolio of Ren Hang
and then this playlist/collage i made some weeks ago.this web-journal had been ignored for a while, if i may confess. I AM SORRY, boxuniverse. :(
play HERE***
uhh. .. . i guess that's the end of it.
hopefully nothing vital had been forgotten.

see you around! :)