and unsaid stuff

wow. i have put off blogging for a long time now! when was my last post? last July . . .?
i'm sorry (not sorry) for not writing anything for such a long time. i just kind of did not feel like it. i mean my heart is really eager in trying (i have like twelve drafts for a comeback entry since August) but my mind just doesn't have a single sentence to say, except probably "don't you dare pee on my pillow" which makes no sense at all. and i might also be lying rn since i tweet a lot.
another thing keeping me from posting back here is that it feels like there's so much i have to catch you up on.a couple of stuff happened. for instance we had a play, i had a new phone, etc.etc. speaking of which i now have an instagram, like every other stuck-up kid filtering their lives to the limit of cheesy almost-unreal-ness.
here is a little sighting of my *insert sparkles here*INSTAGRAM*insert even more sparkles*, as seen on a computer (which i still have not finished my thesis in. i've been struggling for more than a year now ok)
(click photos to enlarge)

yes i have been doing some shitty digital art at the moment. it's all a bit dumb and i hate myself for spending 23 of my 24 hours each day holding my phone instead of drawing/writing on paper and trying to improve myself as a person.
i am naming all these faces i draw, though! this one is called Haydn. though honestly i prefer Vladimir (another drawing) more. he is refined. i kind of think of these doodled guys as my friends since i am all alone and sad and solitary since school ended. kind of for the last time, guys. my internship as teacher will start this January. twenty-fucking-fourteen oh god.
some other stuff i should probably talk about includes;

the PLAY! our play! Medea! i played the role of guy-with-no-balls leading man Greek heartthrob named Jason! (PS i kind of blurred the faces of the people who annoy me. just a little, though. i mean, you can still figure out who they are, eh. . .? no? ok)
cast & crew. i won't mention i'm the only male (lol but didn't i just.) because i never think much of any person's gender anyway. it's irrelevant to life.
i suggested the ~Chorus` to wear/make flower crowns! i learned that much from Rookie.
+ obvsly didn't miss the opportunity to wear it. ha. also, my left eye is kind of sadder than the right. i notice it on pictures in which i am sleepy. which is always.
and this one was after the play. i look like am in a cutesy McDonalds commercial.
another thing that ~***HAPPENED***~ was the game i joined in on CTE Week. it was a crazy Hunger Games-ish kind of game which was not supposed to be violent and deadly but i made it so anyway. god i was popular! everyone was cheering for me, even the members of the four other teams! (because who doesn't like violence, eh?) it sucks cause i didn't win. and everyone was sad when i was out (because who doesn't like violent people, eh?).
Kath (rightmost pretty woman) also played the game. it's so annoying because i got out before her. and we were actually planning to win it together UGH!
for our CTE Week we also had a tree-planting day in which we (surprise!) planted trees. we went to Caliraya and it was beautiful there. some insane Moonrise Kingdom vibe was been going on! it was crazy beautiful.

also, Dylan my adorable evil angel nephew lived here at home for some time as his little christmas vacation or something. he is really cute especially when smiling. but hates it when i try to hug him. quite understandable, yes.
alright, so this is not a very cute photo. i do take lots of photos of him but he moves too much. it's all just a blur.
being possessed like WUT
and for the first day of our Sports Fest there was a parade. each class had to choose a pair who would wear some ridiculous themed costume (aka advanced halloween). it's quite sad that these are the only photos i can find at the moment;
i'm a cowboy from hell and i have no idea what i'm pointing at.
there are probably plenty other things i forgot to write, but let that be all for now. ha ha.
(this blog entry took me very long to do!)
to be honest i am not sure if i would be back to updating regularly or whatever. and to be honest i don't think anyone cares all that much, i'm not even sure there's be at least one person who would read this. but anyway!

to end this shit here's a little video of my journal/diary which i used as a substitute for this blog! :)

goodbye for now ~