and Kath's burpday

hello everyone. i am now going to dump in something that should have been here in my great rubabge of a blog from last Thursday. it was my friend Kath's 22nd birthday, hence, the beautiful cake i did.
i should really start being a recycled cake decorator. look how mismatched everything is. i did not even get her age right. (intentionally) all this painfully feminine props are old to-throw-away designs from other cakes. which results to it being a new-born-grandma-queen-Hello Kitty masterpiecce, i am fantastic.
(note: the extra sticker artworks found in photos below are either done by Yoshitomo Nara (the cartoony ones), Allison Harvard (alienic girls), or me (wow, sounds good being in line with those two. oh glorious).
this is Kath. pretty and divine. mother of one enigmatic boy. 
omg i'm such a Pokemon. it looks like she's surprised by my appearance here, but that was not how it went. i love what she's wearing. wicked Boston-Celtics-green hoodie.
haha! my reaction is so funny! Pauline made sure i won't run out from the viewfinder (see: her handgrip). i had to cover one face because i don't like him and he hates me and surely he won't find it nice to be in my journal.
Dory and a Weedle.
one of the main reasons why i failed to fully enjoy myself was the gigantic scratch at the center of my nose. so i was just quiet and with 0% self-esteem all throughout the day. pathetic.