and some illustrations' appearance in a magazine

the fashion editorial i have illustrated random doodles on is now published in F Magazine, Cambodia. it is in their February 2013 issue.
^man, that feels great! my drawings' first time in an actual magazine! and a foreign one at that!
special thanks to Mike Magallanes (the photoshoot's stylist who contacted me to do this) and Paolo Crodua (the photographer!) the two photographs as seen in the pages above are just some of a few more others. i worked on twelve images. i'm not sure how many were sent for print. i want to see how the other pictures also looked like and i badly want to have the actual thing, but idk. i may not be able to do so. (MUST go to Cambodia for this now. brb)
in other news, i am dying nothing much of school projects are left unaccomplished and i don't know anymore. ruining my life is actually easy. just hand me a good book and i will end up spending all my hours on it with no time left for what really must be done.
why am i this kind of person.
random photograph with Annoying Erlyn