and causes of purity

unfortunately, i am ten years late from howi should have been enjoying in life then. i am totally addicted to Pokemon (Blue Version! Generation One! Wahh!) and i swear the feeling of being owned by one's own possession is eating me right now. it is so weird. i ask myself why i'm doing this and when i think it i am like: "meh. just a game. blah blah. i can totally forget this immediately." but Shin have realized with upsetting mirth that that is not particularly how this goes. my life is totally haunted by questions of which city i should go to next and how i can get a Jigglypuff because it is so cute and that is all i am craving for.
all my plans of finishing projects have been set aside, because, after all, you only live once.
besides this, i do not have anything else to say. there's some attempts to start another World War in my forehead right now; me against pimples, but i swear i am trying my best to win this. without much win, sadly, since there are microscopic volcanoes setting up everywhere in me now. my skin is really an epic tragedy. probably because of dust-filled room that never ever gets clean because dirt eats out all things beyond superhuman reach. this life i live is horribly inconvenient.
i've attached tothis pose sometimes last night and saying "waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" as painedly and slowly as i could because idk i am so miserable. you have no idea.