and Thursday

hi. today is Thursday.
my plans was basically to stay at home, read, and answer our Field Study Workbook. i only accomplished the middle task. i had to leave home because my brother and some of his friends had this disgusting valentines dinner in our house and it is especially annoying. i kind of see his girlfriend as a slut, which is not a very nice thing but i am not  exactly scolding myself for so. he acts all cool with his "friends" but in reality he is just a pathetic idiot. gross and irresponsible.
happy hearts' day!
i am very proud of that drawing above although my coloring skills (digital or not) is pitiful. i think i have actually thought of a "healthy" message there.
this is that time of the year when motels are notably fully booked and flower shops are glad! how did you spend your day? were you out with a special person? animal? or were you like my bestfriend who was angry all day long? either way, try your best to be at least, um, thankful. i am not saying you are "blessed" and "special" or "still lucky", but come on, at least you are not supposed to spend your life with a miserable research project like me! (if you are, though, text me and we can commit suicide together. hotline +63912-802-6968)
i would like to have a short poll about the significance of valentines' day to your lives, but then again people who read my blog are sweetly uncooperative always, so yeah.
i went to my sister's cake shop today. it smelled of roses and--um--cakes. i felt good there until my phone went out of power and the WiFi have gone useless.
the ungraspables
this photograph was taken after our handling of elementary students. it was particularly stressful and the kids were behaving as though they were raised in a jungle. the place had lots of trees and civilization really isn't the "thing" there, i may assume. my friends (see: above) are such beautiful ladies. i usually blur or hide the faces of people who appear with me in pictures, but i think we (WE. including me) have got nice smiles here. i love them. although not much the leftmost girl. Erlyn is a bitch. ha ha.
^some sight i saw today. wow. just. wow.