and ah~ what am i doing now -_-

let us celebrate my ethereal procrastination by using lots of emoticons (^o^) !!!
and random crap (u_u*)
this is Erlyn's fault and my annoyance over own uncut hair.. i know this is weird. fuck off now.
Ju-On has always been my favourite least favourite.
Strong Machine 2. my high school style icon. (watch)
Natalia Kills - Controversy (watch)

lovely Kath is lovely all the time
classmates aren't necessarily friends
i think i have plenty of thoughts that could be written but let me settle with the easiest story i may come up with; yesterday i had a heavy headache. like, it was totally out-of-control and literally bringing me down and i always felt vomit-ish. the only suspect i can accuse against this is the exam-marathon we have had. exams really are terrible. especially if you are not the review-ish type. totally have to rack my whole brain for stuff that had never been there in the first place. my memory is actually very bad. i only know things like, say, what my friend Hillary wore five years ago and where she sat on the first day of high shool. why i remember that, and not Jose Rizal's circle of doctor friends in Germany (test material), i have no idea. the brain is a very funny thing.
so when i got home (it is simply out of rare luck that i did) i got into bed immediately and whined and twisted and wriggled in and out of limbo. it was an absolute hell. then mum gave me medicine and i listened to Weightless by Marconi Union on repeat and it did really calm me down and got me sedated for a while.
i slept and then woke up at three. i thought it was five already. and then blah blah mor-nights are really different when you have slept already compared to when you've just been up all along. it's a bore-purgatory during insomniac nights but a slight, silent cemetery party of peace and fun when there have been at least a couple of hours spent in slumber.
i know, those paragraphs are difficult. srry.

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