and mail!

hi. this is going to be quick.
today i went to the post office before going to school to fetch a package my friend has sent for me from last January. i was nervous because it might be not there and if it wasn't, i will be very upset. luckily, it was there. so i was glad.
i also learned that i should not have been excited to open it at school wherein some were really eager to see what it contained and was seemingly more excited than i. i understand that they might have not ever received a real, tangible mail and it might have been something of a strange vista for them. however, one should respect another's privacies. you can't just grab something out of someone because you are curious or whatever. especially if it includes the threat of the object itself being torn into two or more pieces. i really hate having to fight for something that's already in my hands. something that is actually M*I*N*E.  it was my property, for fuck's sake. another factor here is that when some people think they are really "friends" with you already, everything is okay. insults, accusations, etc. but for me that is not how it works.
unfortunately i am still unable to confront people about shit like that. idk.
ha! wtf! somebody took a photo of me (in my phone! what!)  while checking out this cute bible-like notebook from E! who and why and how? idk.
leftmost: the book i am currently reading. Youth In Revolt by C.D. Payne, i actually feel miserable reading this. the book is supposed to tell about a very unlucky teenager with incredibly painful adversities, like, he is probably meant as the epitome of teenage bad luck, the thing is, fuck this shit, i am more unfortunate than him! wah! means i am really pathetic. stab me now.
middle: ah~ this book! short stories by Haruki Murakami! thank you very much, E! she's very sweet. i wanted this book badly (it was her fault anyways!) (jk) and she bought it for me. <3 i give you my heart, darling.
rightmost: this bible is from her too. ha ha. no, this is a small notebook that is moleskine-like but pretty small for any illustration except ant-sized figure models of ants. no, it is actually lovely. i am just really intimidated because this looks like a convenient recoed book of Satan's "naughty" list and i don't know enough naughty people to write about!
ok, goodbye now, folk (i imagine having only one blog reader, so "folk") !!!
please proceed with your life now whilst i face the miseries of having to do magnitudes of project that are not likely to help me become a better person in the first place!
plot twist: i won't do any of these projects cause i am born to die anyways.