and women of power

the album Machine Dreams is eating me alive and it's the best experience ever. i like the idea of being eaten. being digested. being swallowed and churn. although the kind of mastication i feel with this LP's music is different and it is more of a psychedelic thing, i am just really glad. thank you, Little Dragon.
today i drew two women and i am  happy with the results.
Irresponsible Mother (Queen)
Elegant Blood
photo 1: when i first knew about my friend Eda, i figured her mum should be something like this. royal and firm and extremely beautiful. with chin up high and condescending glances. however, i am wrong. her mum  is still a beautiful woman, though. in a Nobuyoshi Araki-photograph kind of way.
photo 2: my idea of a lame but elegant woman. the type of wife whose husband hurts her and then fucks around with other women and then she ends up having a paramour herself. i have some weird sentimentality for women who have adulterers for husbands. if you'd kindly look at her right shoulders, you'll see this miserable rip i semi-accidentally caused. sorry, milady.