and Gasp!

me with Gasp. she is actually a bald woman whose face is dimsum-shaped. jk. she's chewing something. i said, "don't smile. act natural." whatevs.
today after hosting the final student-seminar held in class (classmate says i am 'handsome' in light pink long sleeves. yay thanks.) i had to go home immediately for my colds were really overwhelming. nasal phlegm was literally dripping all over my nose and i could hardly breathe and my eyes were tearing up and the foremost reason of all is that my handkerchief had no more space for my 90 nose-wipes per minute so there. i had to leave. to be honest i have no idea how my skinny self could have contained such a huge amount of cold fluids.
i slept and everything was better when i woke up (bed hair. congrats). i left away with my friend Gasp, there was this non-urgent need to buy pen ink refills and we had to hang out and eat cheap shit together, thank you very much.
there was this pre-motion picture release copy of  the book Youth In Revolt (novel. i forgot the author's name) in a bookstore and i took it, of course. the film with Michael Cera in it was likeable and it entertained me. although the dvd copy i have had is pirated and everything is pixelated. superb low quality. hoo-hah. more books. less time for mandatory stuff that must be done. i don't know, man, it's like destiny is such a hater of Shin and my path to thesis-accomplishment is obstacled by good books i crave to read along the way.
wow. it is actually the annual day of hearts and hormonally-effective partners tomorrow. i am bit disappointed with how things have gone (and are going) but i don't want to complain anymore. there are many other more important stuff i should glue my mind into.
by the way, when i got home, apparently i forgot to switch off the water faucet i used for drinking anti-colds/illness medicine. so the house had become a swimming pool. everyone hates me now. no problemo.