and shrine

hello, my name is Shin. i like drawing and reading and being funny for people who are actually willing to laugh at my strange deeds.
today i had to print two sheets of paper with some really cool photographs. those pictures are to be sent to my friend. it is some sort of a picture-playlist i may post some day. perhaps i might show it here then, after she receives it.
i had a traumatizingly awkward experience this afternoon that involves past love and a frog-faced teacher that i wouldn't mind sharing but find difficult to describe right now. maybe i will attain the right words to narrate it in detail later tonight or never. it's all good either way.
my mind is a bit blank and pained right now. the sole purpose of this journal entry anyways is to post a photo of my moodboard and a doodle:
that'z Lana Del Rey in ya face. boom.
figurative representation of my classmates being all confused and worried in how to actually work things out. school is killing us all.