and Kras, books, and sundae cone.

some strange magic braiding Kras did to my hair. you don't see it, but the bangs area had curlers in it courtesy of classmate Eimee. i think being around procrastinators has finally done some chaos to everyone in my class's mental systems. they are all beasts, these girls.
i am totally attracted to Kras's venus flytrap-ish lashes. it's actually sharper and rises above her face's surface more than her nose! (she has a very very small nose)

she always tries to be kawaii in photographs too. i don't know, i think she's quite a failure in that. look at me tho! Shin is a hideous stag.
after school i went to buy ink refills to the mall, but (with some usual twist fo fate) i went to the bookstore first and got to buy these books (see photo above) ! what the hell! i just finished Hannibal by Thomas Harris this morning and  now i found a copy of Red Dragon! this one's, like, the first book and Hannibal is #3. the second one among this Hannibal Lecter trilogy is The Silence Of The Lambs (i love saying it. such a fantastic phrase). The Silence Of The Lambs The Silence Of The Lambs The Silence Of The Lambs The Silence Of The Laaaaaaambsssss. the conclusion of this paragraph, then, is that i lost the idea of buying ink refills in mind. haha. dumbo.

anyways, i forgot to say, but it was very funny during the afternoon because Alm and her friends were having this conversation about what a transgender's vagina may look like and how the surgery is done. ha ha. it was lamely hilarious. Alm also bought a sundae cone for me and friends. really, she's a sneaky bitch sometimes but she's actually a lovely sweet person. <3
also, i finally decided to take my thesis seriously. although that waas before all those books, so idk. stab me.
apparently Jose Rizal, more often than not, had to  stay in hotels all around Europe with some men. usually Dr Maximo Viola, but i prefer shipping him with Dr. Blumentritt who already has a family. i like to imagine them two being sweet secret lovers because at first, Blumentritt was just a fan of the Philippines' National Hero's book and he sent him a letter and Rizal replied and they have become friends that way. (i know, you don't get it. you don't have to.)