and SPIP (School Project In Progress)

this afternoon i really had to use all my motivational efforts to get out of the chair and turn off this laptop and start working on my school projects. luckily, Shin had succeeded. i am now three-quarters finished in our class's Graphic Organizers in our Instructional Materials subject. it was the same academic (huh.) area in which we did a bulletin board. by the way, that particular piece of (hard)work presenting bunny-headed people in summertime (April was the board's designated month) is now a grand falldown of afterapocalypse chaos. literally. some campus officers hung it in a place where rain literally shattered and poured and raped it so grandiously that nothing was left but melted papers and dreams. thank you very much. i can never recover from that. the only way i sometimes get to cope up with the tragedy of it is temporarily forgetting it. it is really sad.
anyways, here is what i have accomplished. so far:
left: sidebars for the four sheets. we had to do one Graphic Organizer for each high school year leve.
right: a diagram, basically. hair diagram. i love what i have thought of.  i'm just worried about how the dumb student-teacher reacts to this.
this is supposed to be the basic Fish Diagram, but in manner of me trying to be spontaneous, i made it a mermaid half-skeleton diagram instead. the problem, again, is how the narrow-minded person who would have to grade this thing would take it (Shin is pretty condescending sometimes). why, i am supposed to be a fine arts student, no! mum! this is your fault. 
two boys would have to be treated and judged objectively so students' skills in using comparative adjectives shall be enhanced. i regretted this afterwards because it's like i encourage people to stereotype others but hopefully it won't work out that way. and, this is only a sample anyways. 
while working on these stuff i suddenly remembered why i had been willing to become a teacher. it is because i will be really free in terms of making things from my imagination that others may particularly enjoy. i may not be called an Artist once i graduate (that is not my goal anyway) (i mean, to be an "aHrtist~") but at least i will have opportunities to create and have a little audience and give them a little help. i hope things go on well for everyone.