and Laurels

hello again.
this means  nothing. just wanted to flaunt my legs. lol. ha ha. (note: pimples are edited out.)
my name is Shin. and everything i say and do is misunderstood.
work-in-progress (?)
my hands have again landed on the big, fat, watercolour pad whose every painting i try to do ends up a regret bigger than the paper size (12" x 16") because i overthink and get defeated by the  pressure of it being too precious to be messed upon. this drawing (i only took a snapshot of the breast part because this is the only area i liked) began the evening before yesterday and i was a little bit disappointed. the mouth (not that mouth, but the actual mouth in the actual face) was supposed to look like a labia but i realized i had no accurate idea how that looks like so it just looked terrible. the eyes were a failure too. there were many edits and added layers done tonight. still i am not confident with the whole image.
Santo Prucci
as much as being inferior to everyone who also draws is a little too sad, i think painting/drawing makes me happy the way no other activity does (i mean this is my substitute to doing deathly school projects; might as well enjoy it. ha ha). just watching watercolours move around paper and mix in shades by itself feels ethereal. thank you, whoever godly spirit there is out there who guides me through these things.