and the truth + Nara-ism

ah~ the glorious shames of reality.
i am really disappointed with the whole community whenever someone from the internet says i am cute or i look "young" and stuff like that. because i am not.
like everyone, i am very selective with the photographs i choose to upload, so yeah. one should take note of the fact that all things you see online are fabricated. not all are done by Photoshop, but you get what i mean. it likes the newsroom deciding which "facts" to air in your screen and which ones to move quickly to Recycle Bin.
when you are in front of the TV screen or the computer, you are not seeing the truth. the only absolute reality you can get is all those nasty secrets and thoughts you have, concealed in your brain.
for instance, my cheeks look particularly smooth in this photo, whereas it resembles the problematic figures of the moon in real life.
this, unfortunately, is not me.
THAT pose of dear god Yoshitomo Nara above is to epic not to copy. it's really strange and so iconic and shit, i want those paintings. Nara-san is now one of my style icons and--uhh---Jesus Christs. if you watch his videos and everything, you'll know. he is fantastic.
special unThanks to Kath and Mic, (the women who played "sleigh") for not being good coaches and photographers. like, srsly, girls, i was trying to pose like an artist, not an awkward vegetable. sigh.
we will all see each other gain someday. birbs.