and fails

i swear, my life would have been better if Facebook didn't exist.
but it's too late now. everyone today pretends to be alright and then goes home, logs in the internet, and complains how they had to pretend to smile tho they aren't fine. I AM ONE OF YOU GUYS. \
all in all i have read so much status updates and posted a lot to save myself from self-induced frustration. in social affairs, whether online or actual, the only aftermath is either you hate yourself or love yourself. the latter is masochistic tomfoolery. saying "i don't care" is a thousand times easier than doing so. congratulations.
however, i am not in to talk about sorrows. i am to talk about ***da-daaaaaa~~~*** random crap.

^school project. my partner is Pau.
in a subject called "Instructional Materials" we decided to make props for a--uhh--it's a bit difficult to explain, but the game is, by groups, students are to make a short role-play skit and use these vocabulary words in the script. and then the other kids (audience) are going to guess the meaning of the "rare" words based on context clues-shit.

i also got to write two short stories! because! nobody's talking to me! and! i'm talking to nobody!
i want to share them and save it here but i don't feel like typing at all. maybe i'll think of doing so some day in the future.

^minimalist! hah.

^ that fantastic hell of a book, National Gallery London, has been haunting me since i first saw it. there are plenty of paintings inside. i hope this helps me get out of my being out-of-shell-way-too-much and it's just overwhelmingly beautiful. look at that cover. tell me no and you're gonna be punched. Sleepers is something i have to view in Goodreads before actually buying it. the reviews are good. also i am planning to post a rundown of my short, unreliable reviews for a while now, but not yet.

please tell me some ways on how to not sound too self-centered. i practice not having to use "i" and "me" and "mine" often. there must be a way.

but then again, there's this song.