and fish + friends

today i thought i will have some sort of a hangover out of sulking my heart out all these days during vacation. but things were back to normal immediately. i realized that i actually missed some of my classmates. my friends are all so funny and nice i totally forgot that i didn't get any sleep the previous night at all. ha ha. i love everyone.
in the afternoon, out of fun i whipped water from a random mineral water bottle i found to friend Kath's feet  & shoe then she got a bit very mad and i felt so bad, but she forgave me quickly. how nice. i love Kath so much, guys. no malice, tho. we're like, brothers and sisters already (she's the brother, lol) <3
anyways, after class i tagged along with friend Erlyn  (see, i got another friend. mum, i have friends! WAH!)  to the market there in her region (wild, scatterly-Hong Kong-like area. with fake cellphones everywhere and fruits and decaying people) and it was fun since i finally get to buy fish! i wanted fish-friends since last August, when there was flood in our area and i just wanted to associate good stuff with water. ha ha. i am well-proud of how i named them.
yes, that one's named "Ah~".
damn taking pictures of fish are hard! they never stay in one position. no pose-pause or anything. whimsical as fuck. please, god, don't let them die too young. like, give me at least two months with them. they are pretty expensive.

i hope all my other school days go on well. i am just letting go of the hate and seeing some of my classmates as not just dumb, miserable sub-sapiens but as inspirational icons too. sooner or later i am totally going to be everybody's darling Shin~
and when they all like me again
i'm gonna tear their THESIS apart!
(i am kidding.)

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