and cold light

wow, cats and dogs.

how are you?
i am wrapped in a thin blanket right now wearing my
school-uniform-underwears still (ha ha. no photo! sux 4 u) (just
kidding) since these few days have been really cold. everybody's
fussing about it, the weather is just--really fantastic. there's no
rain around. just a pure endless overture to what might have been a
good post-December snowfall.

sad to say; i will not be able to blog conveniently until weekend
because my father's laptop is confined in an officemate's work, and
there's no alternative around but a lonely email-entry like this.

today had been really funny. i didn't feel bad about anything at all
(except: thesis). we had a small role-play presentation and played a
sleigh-like pulling-game with a human being as a sleigh. ha ha .i will
insert pictures here in my journal once i get a hold of a computer.

tomorrow is Wednesday again (aka Last Day of Schoolweek), my, how time
flies. . .

good luck to me.
and you.
i have plenty
of things to do.

- shin O.

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