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Cake Asthma
some painting from last year that i never got to scan until now. i did this during a flu. this is supposed to be a gift to my professor, but now that i look at it carefully, i realize it is a bit inappropriate and he will not fully feel pleasant, having this within sight.
this day had been nicely dull. i can't even think of anything to say.
i am currently working on an art project of some sort, kinda like the one i did with Ms. Wendy. although this time things were more stressful and pressure-y since i have to finish a dozen pictures by tomorrow and i only got the images to be designed last Wednesday. it's all ok now, i think i just have to focus my mind on making nice (at least acceptable) art instead of being annoyed with life's unfair circumstances.

speaking of "project", here's something from last year, too. we had this homework that says "draw something that reminds me of your childhood".
an unabashed attempt at minimalism
my childhood spells only one thing: H O S P I T A L. i was an asthmatic boy then and lived half of my whole pre-puberty years in the hospital (the nurses there remember me until now). but don't feel bad for me. i got to play sports crap back then too. soccer, baseball, dodgeball, etc. i am a very good athlete, actually. it just so happened that my lungs are better at sucking in dirt and gets exhausted quickly, so yeah. asthma.

watch this video ^ ! it is very funny and inspiring. (made me want to do a short film)

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