and literary feature

the school's newspaper publication is finally out today.
i can be seen there as some kind of a literary featured artist or something like that, i don't know exactly what it's called.

the editor-in-chief liked some illustrations in my portfolio  and included them, along with some poetry i submitted. i originally wanted to be an illustrator for the book-like literary folio they also publish, but idk. they already have a cartoonist. i really wanted to contribute since the cliche world-in-hand and emo-boy-alone-in-a-corner poem interpretations make me a little upset when i see them. now i wonder if some others i submitted will actually get in the folio or if this is the end of my "contribution" to the school.
although it does not appear in my writing here, i am very happy and appreciative of it all. i mean it's a whole, large page entirely filled with my crap (read: IT IS ALSO EMBARRASSING.) and i am glad this happened to my life.
i expected the page to be coloured (school paper staff/classmate told me it will be) and surely it would have looked better that way. some lines in the poems are a bit different from how i originally wrote them, too. and, i wrote a very special tell-all about-me mini essay to accompany this (i said sex and lust is very inspiring for art. brutally confessional stuff like that) which did not appear in the page at all.
i am not complaining, tho.

Shin is very grateful and hopes he'll be featured in other awesomesauce things someday. when he gets better at what he does.