and balloons (Why-I-Don't-Have-A-Girlfriend-Yet-series pt.4)

photo-dump time.
 goddammit. balloons are so much fun.
i know, i just make fun of myself often, but nights are really getting lonely. i wish i have somebody who can just talk to me any time of the day and will really listen and share things or whatev. life is a very, very sad thing.

i dreamed of my special secret love twice in one sleep!
it is epic. i am very happy 'cause, although we have never been together for real, and my darling rarely replies to my messages, at least in another dimension that only exists in my subconscious mind, we can hold hands and lie in bed together.
i decided to use my other black sketchpad as an art/doodle diary for 2013. i am not sure how long will it last. it has more than two pages filled although only one and a half day of the year has passed. i wish i can get more organized but it really is tough for me. i want to die.

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