and the very scheduled program

there are good and bad points in going back to school.
i will finally be saved from sulking in my bed all day (and feeling none but guilt, guilt, guilt), but i would have to return facing my thesis and other school projects and such. oh i don't know anymore. i will just ride on with whatever happens. and try not to pay attention to anything.
untitled; done a week ago. or less days than a week. i totally forgot about this one after doing it. the face is very satisfactory, though.
i have become such a hermit this short three-week vacation. it felt like a year to me. or not. surely i have learned a lot these past days? yes. sure.
and look how much chest hair i've grown! ha ha.
honestly i have got nothing to write about.
wait, i have dreamed of Allison Harvard! she has long, straight black hair there and i was the interviewer, or not really it, but i was part of the existence of the interviewer. then we had to do a little retro-romantic act.it was awkward but she was really just nice (and didn't care about me at all) which is ok.
last night, until 4am, i was doing some little comic, the story was very comfortable to do, but i don't feel like continuing it anymore.

this afternoon i watched a movie-theater-recorded film, Rise Of The Guardians, and it's super good. it made me cry. i totally fell in love (wow i sound like a lame blonde teenager at this point, srry) with Sandman! he was just totally adorable and i enjoyed his character and powers. man, this film is good!

everything will go back to the "scheduled program" tomorrow. hopefully my feelings and psyche too. it is quite exhausting to be happy about the existence of two dying balloons in my room at one moment then crying out of unrequited love the next. i am miserable.

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