and the Prima-Daniels.

i did not really intend to ever post that first photo below, but Kath's photobombing is too precious to keep to myself, so there goes. this photo with that particular pose is supposed to help me with studying angles of faces and the jaw when painting. now since i thought of posting it, i should also edit the rock-like texture of my face and the eyes and everything. sorry, team.
still have not had haircut. i told you i won't obey people who tell me to do so. but yeah i shaved last night. 
i realize today that it's been a trend among us male kids of our class to have thick hair and light mustache. it's really nice, i think. to see other guys not conscious with their looks too.

 i mean most people think it's just girls who are narcissistic and spend too much time in the mirror, but, surprise, most often i don't get to see my reflection in the school toilet rooms because these uniformed dudes are quite too busy fixing their hair, you know, adding gels and wax, talcum powder, etc.
 it is rather pitiful how they act all friendly and dude-we're-so-badass to each other when in reality they hate each other well with the fear of having a less long penis and competition among attention of these equally vain women, who are too busy with the volume of lipstick they apply to actually notice malekind's attempts to be loved.

not me, unfortunately =(