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i bought a fashion magazine today. i have concluded that fashion magazines do inspire me a little more than actual art magazines. probably because i try to get similar achievements as the artists i see in the latter, and it makes me feel painfully untalented. while fashion mags are basically all about spontaneous beauty and monthly-reincarnated charms found in women and random objects.
my first week of school for 2013 has ended just like that. everything had been fine. i am happy that coping up with things kept at the darkest corners of my mind during christmas break was pretty neat and comfortable. i felt warm inside too. how strange! how alive!

below is the covers of my new journal. the photos i collaged up are those i handpicked one online-time while browsing Hospital X aka best tumblr ever. this is truly inspiring. especially that demure bed photograph at the center.
click this word if you want to see a clear, non-moving image of it.

 i have just downloaded a new EP from an awesome music company that releases free music from awesome indie artists! check them out at numberlinerecords.com/  ; Pipes and Palindromes by Modulogeek  =)

surely there are some other stuff i am planning to write about, but TV is very noisy i can't concentrate.

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